About Luminox Code Red Survival Course

About Luminox Code Red Survival Course

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Luminox has always been a long term supporter of the Navy SEALs. As part of the Navy SEALs training, Navy SEALs are trained on the importance of time, team work and communication skills. These are skills that are also applicable in any search and rescue teams and Luminox continues to emphasize the Navy SEAL values by supporting international search and rescue organizations such as the Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue (ICE SAR) and the Malaysia International Search and Rescue (MISAR).


MISAR Volunteers at Luminox Code Red Survival Course

The Luminox’s Code Red Survival Course was hosted and conducted by MISAR. The academy was led by Captain K.Bala and his experienced volunteers who are from all walks of life and undergo rigorous training each week despite their full-time jobs and personal obligations.

Volunteers at MISAR are divided into 3 categories, depending on their commitment and level of expertise - Green, Yellow or Red Zone. Green Zone volunteers handle lighter tasks, such as packing and distributing of aids (food, household items and clothing) to victims. While at the extreme end, a MISAR Red Zone volunteer would put their life on the line by participating in hazardous search and rescue operations, for instance, operating in collapsing debris and earthquake aftershocks that could lead to physical injuries or even death.


MISAR Emergency Vehicles
The Luminox Code Red Survival Course allowed the various participants and I to experience 6 different scenarios of Search and Rescue Operations. It aimed to educate participants on survival skills in times of emergencies and the importance of #everysecondcounds during a mission. At the Luminox Code Red Survival Course, we were given a time limit of 30 minutes per station and were graded on several factors such as time management, teamwork and communication skills. Skills that were necessary in any search and rescue mission or Navy SEAL operation.

Luminox Code Red Participants

The event was a valuable lesson and enabled every participant to experience what MISAR Code Red volunteers would go through during hazardous operations. It also taught the participants how handle specialized equipment meant for search and rescue missions. The passion and endless involvement from MISAR volunteers was a motivation for each participant of the Luminox Code Red Survival Course to push through the various simulated scenarios.

To every MISAR Code Red rescuer, they would value and respect the importance of time because every second wasted, is a chance wasted. This is synonym with the Luminox motto of #everysecondcounts and Luminox is an Essential Gear in extreme missions. Through the whole event, Captain K.Bala emphasized on the importance of time and reliability of a well-designed timepiece such as Luminox that would allow them to work in any light conditions and in extreme environments.

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By Vanessa Leong (Participant of the Luminox Code Red Survival Course)


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