Air Pilot P-38 Lightning Series

Luminox looks to the legendary American WWII fighter jet designed by Lockheed as inspiration for the newest addition to its Pilot watch collection. Known for their maneuverability even at high altitudes, the P-38 LIGHTNING® earned the nickname, 'The Fork Tailed Devil'. Lockheed’s P-38 LIGHTNING was an engineering feat of its day, and the new Luminox P-38 watches pay homage to both the design and functionality of this iconic airplane.

The 42mm steel case boasts all the attributes of a classic pilot’s watch including the highly legible, easy to read dial and fonts. As a nod to the traditional B-Uhr navigation watch of the 1940’s, there is a upwardly pointing triangle with two dots just below 12 o’clock, providing quick orientation and the ability to read the time at a glance. With a GMT function in the interior dial ring, the watch is powered by a Swiss-Made Quartz movement.