Eco #Tide Series

Luminox has been constantly revamping its production processes to help do our part for environmental sustainability. This includes partnering with a Swiss company to collect plastic and waste from the ocean and using those materials to create the #TIDE series of watches. 

All the watches use 100% recycled material for the case, strap, and bezel. The Swiss Made quartz watches are also equipped with the Luminox Light Technology, meaning it is visible in any lighting conditions without the need for an external power source.


Commando Raider 3320 Series

The Commando Series is designed to pay homage to military units and combines all the details for which Luminox is famous – tough, luminous, extremely water-resistant, highly legible – with a sand-colored dial, military-style numbers, and military time.

A second time zone display, by virtue of a dedicated hand, makes sure it doesn’t matter where in the world you are.


Navy SEAL Original EVO Series

This year, Luminox reintroduces the watch that started it all with the 3001 EVO Series, with multiple design improvements. 

The Black Out version underscores the advantages of the Luminox Light Technology, and the Navy Blue color is bright and modern, while reminding us of the dress blues worn to official ceremonies. The Old Radium colorway is a nostalgic nod to a time when all luminous watches were accomplished with Radium, a material with a unique glow that was phased out of watch production in 1968.

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