35th Year Heritage Collection

Celebrating a legacy in military watchmaking, Luminox releases three timepieces for its 35th Anniversary, honouring the brand’s connection with the military and their heritage of supplying high performance first-line military equipment. 

Bear Grylls Survival MASTER

Luminox announced its historic partnership with Bear Grylls, the world’s most recognized face of survival and outdoor adventure and is rolling out the full ‘Luminox X Bear Grylls’ collection. All these watches have features exclusively specified by Grylls to make them useful to him and other adventurers, helping one perform in extreme situations.

Bear Grylls ECO 'No Planet B'

The Luminox X Bear Grylls ECO ‘NO PLANET B’ 3722.ECO watch offers an innovative solution in the face of environmental challenges. The collaboration combines Luminox's precision watchmaking with Bear Grylls' adventurous spirit and the innovation of #tide, while simultaneously championing environmental conservation. The revolutionary, eco-friendly model removes approximately three 500ml plastic bottles from the ocean per watch and by that reduces plastic waste and its impact on our environment.

Atacama Field Series

The new series of Luminox Atacama Field watches feature textured finish dials that evokes the terrain and rugged landscape of the Atacama desert. These high performing, super readable and durable watches are designed for exploration, encompassing Luminox’s commitment to exploration and their enduring spirit of adventure.

Navy SEAL Limited Edition 'ALL IN ALL THE TIME'

Luminox is kicking off a special anniversary year with the release of a blackout Limited-Edition Navy SEAL 3500 Series 'ALL IN ALL THE TIME' model. The “ALL IN ALL THE TIME” mantra is embossed in gold colour on the dial from 7-11 hours, providing motivation to the wearer to give their all, no matter the situation.

Bear Grylls Mountain Series

Luminox launches the new Bear Grylls 3730 Mountain series with 3 new watches, and a special limited edition. Building on the partnership with renowned survivalist and brand ambassador Edward Michael “Bear” Grylls, the brand drew inspiration from one of his earliest expeditions - summiting Mount Everest in 1998.

Mil-Spec Series

Mil-Spec (Military Specification) refers to the military standard from the U.S. Department of Defense. When a product is compliant with these standards of sourcing, fabrication, material, quality, and supply, it can be referred to as a Mil-Spec product or component.

Master Carbon SEAL Automatic Series

CARBONOX™+ Goes Automatic!

For the first time, Luminox is introducing an automatic movement in a CARBONOX™+ case, in the Master Carbon Seal Automatic.

The Master Carbon SEAL – Automatic combines all the details for which Luminox is famous – toughness, luminosity, extreme water resistant, legibility – with an automatic movement that also features a day and date window.

To show off the mechanical movement powering this timepiece, Luminox has added an exhibition case back, the movement and automatic rotor easily visible through the sapphire crystal. This watch is also equipped with a special CUT-TO-FIT strap, another iconic band from Luminox.

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