Leatherback Sea Turtle Series

The Luminox Leatherback Sea Turtle collection, first introduced in 2017,
brought affordable luxury to the Luminox line. The 2023 releases are available with three variations of dial – black with white and either blue or red details or a striking gold-colored dial with black.

ICE-SAR Arctic 1050 Series

The ICE-SAR Arctic 1050 Series watches are manufactured for durability and reliability and embodies the endurance and resilience of the Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue (ICE-SAR) team and the bravery they symbolize.

Constellation Automatic Series

Luminox takes inspiration from one of the most revolutionary airplanes of its time designed by Lockheed: the infamous CONSTELLATION®. Fondly nicknamed, Connie, the plane was a gamechanger for both civil and military aviation. The combination of high performance and design are what made this aircraft a legend in the industry.

Air Pilot P-38 Lightning Series

Luminox looks to the legendary American WWII fighter jet designed by Lockheed as inspiration for the newest addition to its Pilot watch collection. Known for their maneuverability even at high altitudes, the P-38 LIGHTNING® earned the nickname, 'The Fork Tailed Devil'. Lockheed’s P-38 LIGHTNING was an engineering feat of its day, and the new Luminox P-38 watches pay homage to both the design and functionality of this iconic airplane.

Navy SEAL Gold Limited Edition Set

In honor of 60 years of the Navy SEAL Teams, Luminox is introducing the new Limited Edition Gold Set. Limited to 1,200 pieces, the newest version from the successful 3500 series comes in a bold configuration featuring a gold color dial and crown with a set of nylon and rubber straps, providing extra versatility and functionality.

Pacific Diver Chronograph Series

Luminox’s strong ties to the Pacific can also be traced back to its origins, where it was originally founded in the small town of San Rafael, California, USA, located along the Pacific Coast. This tie to the Pacific acts as the inspiration for Luminox’s upcoming collection, and expands upon one of Luminox’s most popular watch series. The new Pacific Diver Chronograph Series 3140 will come in 9 different configurations, with colours never seen before in prior Luminox watches.

Master Carbon SEAL Automatic Series

CARBONOX™+ Goes Automatic!

For the first time, Luminox is introducing an automatic movement in a CARBONOX™+ case, in the Master Carbon Seal Automatic.

The Master Carbon SEAL – Automatic combines all the details for which Luminox is famous – toughness, luminosity, extreme water resistant, legibility – with an automatic movement that also features a day and date window.

To show off the mechanical movement powering this timepiece, Luminox has added an exhibition case back, the movement and automatic rotor easily visible through the sapphire crystal. This watch is also equipped with a special CUT-TO-FIT strap, another iconic band from Luminox.

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