Must have items to bring along for an outdoor adventure!

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Must have items to bring along for an outdoor adventure!

Can't figure out what to bring along for an adventure? Here's a list of some of the essential items that can help you get started! Of course, this list is not exhaustive, and there are definitely many more items. 
  1. GPS Device(s)

    Navigation is vital during an adventure. You would not want to get lost while out and about, right? A GPS device helps you navigate around from point A to point B, and not waste time in an unknown location, or worse, putting yourself in danger. Though you can always use the traditional map and compass, the advancements in technology of today’s world resulted in a myriad of GPS devices.

    A GPS device allows you to accurately find your location on a digital map, and it would be wise to bring those designed specifically for outdoor travel, as they are often built rugged and waterproof. However, if you prefer to use a smartphone with a GPS application installed, do protect it with well as most smartphones are fragile.

  2. Protection from the Sun

    Sunscreen lotions, sunglasses, hats and more! If you are out for an adventure, you will more than likely be exposed to the sun. So do yourself a favour and protect yourself from getting a bad tan and heat exhaustion!

    Sunglasses are indispensable while outdoors as it helps to protect your eyes from the potentially damaging UV radiation. Furthermore, sunscreen helps limit your exposure to UV radiation, which is one of the causes of sunburn, premature skin aging and skin cancer.

  3. First Aid Kit

    As an outdoor adventurer, we need to expect and plan for the worst, such as an injury sustained after a fall. Thus, it is vital to bring along a basic first aid kit, and know how to use the items as well.

    Every kit should include treatments for blisters, adhesive bandages, gauze pads, adhesive tape, disinfecting ointment, pain medication, pen and paper. Also, do carry a compact guide to help deal with medical emergencies.

  4. Utility Knife

    Contrary to what you may think, you do actually need a knife as an outdoor adventurer. Knives are useful for various purposes like chopping firewood, repairing gear, preparing food or other emergency needs. This makes them essential for every outdoor adventure.

  5. Shelter

    Having a shelter to protect when you rest is very important. It will be more than sufficient if the roof over your head protects you from natural elements such as rain, wind and cold. Shelters can come in the many forms like a portable tent, ultralight tarp, bivy sack, emergency space blankets or even large plastic trash bags.

    Bear Grylls, an expert adventurer, says it best when he introduced the “The Survival Rule of 3”. One of rule states that “One can only survive without shelter for 3 hours”. Meaning that the chances of survival without a shelter after 3 hours decreases as time goes on.

    Remember to always put safety as the top priority. It’s better be safe than sorry!

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