About Luminox Code Red Survival Course Station 5

About Luminox Code Red Survival Course Station 5

Luminox Code Red Paramedics

The fifth station simulated a Road Traffic Accident (RTA) where participants gained firsthand experience as a paramedic at an accident scene and boarded an ambulance. Before providing any first aid assistance to a casualty, a paramedic would always ask the casualty if they were hurt and where were the injuries. Then the paramedic would proceed to place both hands under the casualty’s back while supporting the neck. Bandages would be wrapped around the broken bones to prevent movement and apply pressure to the injury to reduce bleeding. As a paramedic, it was important to constantly comfort the casualty to prevent any further shocks as well as to receive the casualty’s personal encounter of the accident.

Luminox Code Red Participants Aboard the MISAR Ambulance 
Subsequently, as paramedics, we strapped the casualty to a trauma board due to broken bones caused by the accident and used a scoop sketcher which helped ease the process of lifting the casualty from the ground onto an ambulance collapsible wheeled stretcher. This required the team work of two paramedics to load the casualty into the ambulance. As part of the Luminox Code Red Survival Course and to emphasize the importance of #everysecondcounts, my team mates and I managed to ride in the ambulance with blinkers and sirens switched on. This instantly prompt the drivers on the road to pave the way for the ambulance, mimicking a life and death situation. While this was exciting, I could only imagine the nervousness and the adrenaline rush the paramedic would experience in a RTA. An important personality trait that a paramedic needs is to stay calm, cool and collected during an emergency situation and especially one where #everysecondcounts

Luminox is a proud supporter of the Navy SEAL foundation, Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue (ICE SAR) and Malaysian International Search and Rescue (MISAR)

By Vanessa Leong (Participant of the Luminox Code Red Survival Course)


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