HOOYAH! Luminox is the official watch of the US Navy SEALs

HOOYAH! Luminox is the official watch of the US Navy SEALs

For many years, many have associated Luminox with strength, durability and endurance. This is because the watches are the official watch of the Navy SEALs as well as designed to function in extreme environments and perform under immense pressure.

Luminox UV glow

When many in the watch industry were not interested to invent a watch with self-powered illumination, Barry Cohen, founder of Luminox saw the window of opportunity and seized it. In 1989, together with his friend Richard Timbo, Luminox was created. Luminox became the first watch company to use tritium gas tubes for illumination power which the Navy SEALs found useful to have a quick glance of time while on a night mission.  In 1994, Luminox secured the contract with the Navy SEALs and was given the licence to use the US Navy SEAL logo on the case back of its watches. This was when Luminox created its first US Navy SEALs series and this soon expanded to cover the 3 elements which the Navy SEALs operate in – Sea, Land and Air.

Luminox Navy SEALs case back

Luminox became one of the most recognized outdoor adventure watch brand due to its long standing relationship with the Navy SEALs. Luminox has embraced the traits of its famous counterpart, the US Navy Seals, and has gained a huge cult following over the years.

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