Interview with Captain K.Bala, Chairman and Founder of Malaysia International Search and Rescue

Interview with Captain K.Bala, Chairman and Founder of Malaysia International Search and Rescue

1. To have such an organization, are you funded by the Government?

We are a non-profit and non-government organization. When I started this organization, I do not have the intention to get any funding from the Government. This is because I feel that this organization should not be a burden, but to complement the Government. MISAR aims to fill in the gaps in times of need when the Government may not be able to handle, such as Prevention. I believe that disaster does not happen that often and when it does, we must be prepared. This is also why my group of specialists have training every Sunday, to ensure they are capable when they need to go for operation. We also conduct training for teachers and students, such as what to do when there is a flash flood. We normally get corporate funding though events and this helped us build whatever we have here. 

2. Why did you started other similar organization, such as Malaysian Volunteer Fire & Rescue Association and Road Safety Marshal Club?

I started this organization in 1991 and it was registered in 1992. Then, in 1994, I was involved in a serious accident in which the police on site determined me as dead. They put me in a black body bag. However, I regained consciousness and I felt a flashlight on my face, which is from a reporter. I told him to send me to the hospital and they rushed me to the hospital. It was after this life and death situation that I decided to do more and created the other organizations, which heavily focuses on prevention. I believe that when things happen in your life, take them positively and move on.

3. What motivates you to do whatever you are doing now?

My family plays a big role in motivating me. For example, whenever I were to head out for operations, my mother will never stop me, fearing that I may get injured, instead she tells me to do whatever I gotta do and get things done. Also, having a positive environment is important as well. My specialists and I learnt to take whatever that may come in our way positively and keep going forward. There are risks everywhere in our life, anything can happen. Why not make the best out of it and help others?

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