Interview with retired Navy SEAL - Robert Roy Jr

Interview with retired Navy SEAL - Robert Roy Jr

1. How did the Navy SEALs come about with Luminox?

Rob Roy: 

"I’ll tell you this, the relationship with the SEALs team and Luminox goes back about 25 years. It is one of the first watches that came out that the Navy SEALS were involved or 8 Navy Seals were involved to design everything. To curatively come up with a solution to come up with watches to see at night or to tell time at night. And so they developed this tube idea. I had nothing to do with that, I know about it because I was in the navy at that time, I got in during 1987. As it progresses about the different evolution of the watch, the company gotten bigger with the designs. I came on board with Luminox about a year ago. They were looking for someone to do the laws, the challenge events they do and that’s what’s bring the table to Luminox. Some SEALs was involved not because Luminox paid the Navy Seals any money or they had a business relationship. It is the best product on the market for what we required to do because of all the functions the watch has to offer, as opposed to any other or anything that is going on."

2. What was your last rank in the force?

Rob Roy: "I was a chief officer in the United States." 

3. How long is the training programme to become a Navy SEAL?

Rob Roy: "There will be a total of 26 weeks. The Hell Week will be within the first 4 weeks of the training and there’s another 22 weeks after that. You are not allowed to wear a watch while you go into training. Only the OIC which are the officers in charge or one of the senior guys will carry a watch. Everyone doesn’t have a watch. That’s why this watches, the importance of time is at the end of training and you are on your own. It’ s kinda  like you are an adult and here’s your watch. My relationship with Luminox started uh you know I got a watch when I was in Seal team 6."

4. What do you get when you graduate from the Navy SEAL training programme?

Rob Roy: "When they graduate, they graduate with SQT which is the SEAL Qualification Training. They will get their luminox watch and a knife. The knife will have one of the pioneer Navy SEAL's name engraved on it."

5. How long do you wear through a watch? Like let’s say a pair of sneakers?

Rob Roy: "I don’t think you wear out of your watch, you have it for life. I think most people in the SEALs, like I have my first one in 92 and I have it for a while well I gave it to somebody. Most likely gave it to somebody. So you’ll have it and then you will get another one. And that’s the beauty about Luminox is that I can have this. When I am training the boys on the beach I will get the blue one because it’s cool right and then when I go out to get something to eat in the night, I will put this one on alright so you probably wouldn’t buy one watch, you would buy another one. I like the stainless steel one that is coming out this fall . I want one of those or If I could get one of those and I could leave with it tonight that would be great but if I have one of those silver ones I would probably wear that more often to maybe one a plane when I am flying back you know as a gift or I could have find it in my bag."


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