Luminox Behind the Scenes - Clean Clean Clean

Luminox Behind the Scenes - Clean Clean Clean

In our third series, we look at assembling of a Luminox watch that is trusted and requested by the Navy SEALs, we look at the hand assembling portion of the watch. Till today, Luminox watches are still hand assembled in the workshop in Solothurn, Switzerland. With the help of some modern technology such as measuring equipment to help the accuracy of assembling a Luminox watch, making watch assembling more systematic and precise.

Other aspects that are important in watch assembling are dust free environment with low humidity.  Before entering the assembling room, master watch makers need to put on scrubs over their clothes and change their shoes. Their hair is also kept beneath a hair cover to minimize dust from falling into the watch.

Dust free Luminox 1

Before the watch is assembled, various parts of the watch are blown by a hand held blower to ensure that no dust is found on the dial or case. After assembling, the watch is checked by the watch maker to ensure that not a speck of dust can be found.

Low humidity in the assembling process is important as you do not want to trap water vapour in the watch. If there is water vapour in the watch, under high heat environment or when the watch moves from extreme hot to cold or vice versa, fogging may happen. Hence low humidity assembling is important. In an ideal world, a no humidity environment is the best but that is not suitable for the human body. The human body requires humidity to prevent dehydration of the hard working watch makers found in the Luminox factory!

Say Hooyah to our unsung heroes who made your Luminox watch!


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