"Luminox is not just a watch, it is a tool for life and death situations" Scott Cassell

"Luminox is not just a watch, it is a tool for life and death situations" Scott Cassell

Luminox introduces a new Sea Series collaboration with former special forces combat diver and ocean conservationist, Scott Cassel - the Scott Cassell Undersea Voyager Project (UVP) 3500 Set. A military veteran, Cassell teams up with Luminox to create the 3509.SC.SET featuring a never-before-seen watch design with an orange high-contrast dial.

Scott Cassell is a former special forces combat diver, a Counterterrorism Combat Dive Instructor to the Special Forces community, an anti-piracy consultant, sniper and a former Special Forces combat medic and MedEvac Flight Instructor in the Army National Guard.

Cassell is also a consummate adventurer who embraces danger and depends on Luminox timepieces as part of his Essential Gear. A man of high ideals and a true explorer, his exploits are undertaken with unwavering commitment to a clearly defined goal—the protection of the world’s oceans and their inhabitants. Never losing sight of this cause, Cassell dives the undersea world, documents his discoveries for science, and hunts down lawbreakers whose activities threaten ocean ecosystems. And Luminox is with him every step of the way, on his wrist and also supporting his work, in particular the Underwater Voyager Project (UVP).

Luminox Scott Cassell

When he’s not hunting down poachers, Cassell dives the underwater world. He knows that people are more motivated to protect the things they understand best, but the vast majority of the world’s oceans remain mysterious and unexplored. So Cassell created the non-profit Underwater Voyager Project (UVP), which helps marine researchers, educators, students, and “citizen scientists” explore and learn about the underwater environment through dives in specially equipped submarines and live webcasts of the expeditions. As an undersea explorer, Cassell has often encountered the unknown, documented his discoveries, and freely shared them with the scientific and educational communities. The UVP multiplies learning opportunities by opening the world’s unexplored oceans to those inspired by deep-sea discovery. In support of the UVP, Luminox has created the new 3509.SET in collaboration with Cassell. A portion of proceeds from sales of this watch will go toward funding UVP and its mission of exploration.

The Swiss-made 3509.SC.SET is built for diving, with a sturdy Carbon Compound case. It has a stainless steel protected crown, uni-directional rotating bezel, 200-meter water resistance and a clear, high-contrast dial with Luminox Light Technology (LLT) that glow for up to 25 years, regardless of conditions, so that the watch is always visible. The orange dial is marked with both the Luminox logo and the UVP logo. The stainless steel case back depicts a 3D marking of Cassell’s U boat. The watch is provided as a set with three interchangeable straps - one polyurethane, one webbing textile, one Velcro faststrap with the UVP giant squid logo – a dive compass and a strap-changing tool – all packed in a dive mask storage box.

Luminox Scott Cassell set - 3509set

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