The importance of time and time management in Military and Law enforcement operations.

The importance of time and time management in Military and Law enforcement operations.

We can’t deny that time is an essential part of our life. Time helps us to gauge our schedules in years, months, days or seconds. This is the reason why time management is important to help us to be organized with the time we have and prevent it from running out. Time management is relatable in many situations especially since life has many types of deadlines. In the civilian world, failure to manage time can cause a lot of awkward and uncomfortable situations for example, failing a test or your boss gets angry at you for not completing your task assigned to you on time. Leaders such as Napoleon said that he would lose a battle but never a minute. A difference of one minute in the military and law enforcement sector can be crucial and may incur severe consequences like death. However, in order to prevent such consequences, teamwork must be present. Both soldiers and police officers need to come together and work as a team.

Ensuring that everyone is in the right place and at the right time is crucial in a mission. Failure to do so will cause the mission to be unsuccessful. In medical emergencies, a term called ‘golden hour’ is used to refer to the probability of the patient surviving is if he or she receives professional medical care.

Time remains to be a crucial point in any military operations as every second is essential for success. In this era, many are relying on smartphones and their high tech devices for time management. However the most efficient device is still an old school wristwatch. A wristwatch is the most precise time telling instrument to ever exist. In law and military sector, a wristwatch is just as essential as an armour or weapon. It is important to possess a wristwatch that is practical in any situations as many lives depend on it.

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