The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday:  The Navy SEAL Collection Toughens Up with the 3580 Series

The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday: The Navy SEAL Collection Toughens Up with the 3580 Series

Hooyah! Luminox is proud to announce the new Navy SEAL 3580 series, the latest evolution of the best-selling Navy SEAL collection of Luminox watches. Consisting of five models, the series sports several exciting new features including a chronograph function and CARBONOX™ casing.


The US Navy SEALs are definitely a force to be reckoned with in the world, whose core values embrace never quitting and teamwork. For the 3580 series, Luminox adopts this spirit through the Navy SEAL mantra, “The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday,” which stresses that each day you should work harder than the last, making the previous day appears easier. This is exemplified in the Navy SEAL Basic Underwater Demolition training (BUD/S) which includes strenuous conditioning on both land and in the sea. The training regime includes 4-hour sleep days and recruits have to weather the most grueling conditions that constantly push a Navy SEAL to their limits. With nearly two thirds of the class quitting or “ringing the bell” due to pain or fatigue, only the toughest minds, bodies, and souls have what it takes to earn Navy SEAL status and badge.


The 3580 Series introduces several upgraded features designed to weather the toughest obstacles. The mantra -The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday, is prominently displayed on the dial of the XS.3581.EY.F model. Thus, inspiring those who have it strapped to their wrist to dig deep and overcome any challenge in their way. Whether you’re training at the gym or on the job, you should push yourself to the limit. Available in an array of colors, one will definitely find a piece that suited them perfectly.  

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