What is the Luminox Light Technology

What is the Luminox Light Technology

What is the Luminox Light Technology

For many decades Luminox have been the leader of the self- illumination technology in the watch market. Using a unique self – illumination technology that was once reserved for the military, Luminox was the first watch company to adopt the technology and implement it into all their watches.

Tritium gas is inserted into micro capsules. These tritium gas tubes have a long lifespan of 25 years. These tritium gas tubes are inserted into the dial, watch hands and the markings of the bezel of the Luminox watches. With the self- illuminating technology, any Luminox watch can be read in day and night conditions while in other watch illumination systems, it requires a push of a button to light or requires a light source to absorb energy and remit for a few hours. The Luminox light technology is based on a half-life glow. This means that the watch will glow half as brightly at the 12.5years mark as compared to when it is bought brand new. The Luminox light technology, has to be individually installed in each watch as well as a special design has been implemented into the watch to ensure that the light tubes functions precisely with the watch. This Luminox Light technology acts as leverage against other watch brands, setting themselves apart from its competitors which has allowed the brand to be trusted and requested by the US Navy SEALs. The Luminox light technology has an impressive lifespan of 25 years and will always be visible 24/7.


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