Who is Robert Roy Jr?

Who is Robert Roy Jr?

For those who have been a fan of Luminox, you will know that Luminox has always been working with strong and inspirational individuals to be our brand ambassador. Also, the brand has the long standing association with the Navy SEALs. Therefore, Luminox approached Robert Roy Jr, Rob Roy in short, and see what could happen by working together with him. 

Robert Roy Jr is a US Navy SEAL veteran of 26 years who currently runs a private business called SOT-G in California. SOT-G has an impressive clientele which mostly includes business executives and CEOs from major and upcoming companies. The business mainly conduct leadership boot camp which involves intense teamwork activities that go beyond the typical team building activities that you will find in other camps, such as swimming for 2 miles in the water with temperature of -9 degrees. He believes that by channeling one's inner Navy SEAL and instilling their morals, it will enable anyone to be a great leader. 

Rob Roy also did a few boot camps for our media partners, which includes the Luminox Spec Ops Challenge and The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday" Jungle Survival Course. Praises and compliments were made to how educating each of the courses were, in terms of being a good leader. We hope to bring more of such camps to everyone as well. 

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