Bear Grylls Survival ECO 'No Planet B' - 3722.ECO

The Luminox X Bear Grylls ECO 3720 ‘NO PLANET B’ watch offers an innovative solution in the face of environmental challenges. The collaboration combines Luminox's precision watchmaking with Bear Grylls' adventurous spirit and the innovation of #tide, while simultaneously championing environmental conservation. The revolutionary, eco-friendly model removes approximately three 500ml plastic bottles from the ocean per watch and by that reduces plastic waste and its impact on our environment.

Bear Grylls comments on the groundbreaking ECO Series: “When it comes to reducing harm to our wild places and natural environment, we need to be the change we want to see. I am so proud to partner with Luminox on our new ECO Series watch, leading the way towards a future without plastic”.

As the most sustainable timepiece in Luminox's portfolio yet, the ECO 3720 ’NO PLANET B’ is a symphony of recycled elements.