Bear Grylls Survival Rule of 3 X #tide Series

Luminox and Bear Grylls kick off 2022 with their latest collaboration: a triangulation of Survival, Making Every Second Count and sustainable materials. The new Survival Rule of 3 X #Tide Series uses the eco-friendly material #Tide, made using recycled ocean plastics waste.

For the 2022 iteration of the Survival Ro3, Bear Grylls challenged Luminox to push even further in its quest for sustainability. The CO2 neutral company achieved this goal by utilizing new upcycled plastic material for the case and black strap in partnership with Swiss based Tide Ocean SA. The ecofriendly material provides equal durability and water resistance, both adventure essentials, as CARBONOX™. It is available in two versions: black dial with black strap or black dial with orange strap - both in #tide upcycled plastic.

The Ro3 is also printed on a removable sliding tab on the watch strap:

3 Minutes without AIR
3 Hours without SHELTER
3 Days without WATER
3 Weeks without FOOD