About Luminox Code Red Survival Course Station 2

About Luminox Code Red Survival Course Station 2

Luminox Code Red Survival Course Station 2

The second station of the Luminox Code Red Survival Course simulated a rescue mission which involved abseiling down a building and lifting a victim on the rescue stretcher to a helicopter. This simulation allowed me to learn the basic techniques of abseiling down the rope and have the essential knowledge on how to operate such equipment.. Every participant had to dress in harness, wear gloves and a helmet, while an instructor gave a safety briefing on the importance of a secured carabiner and demonstrated a basic stance or brake hand.

Abseiling for a beginner like me was a frightening experience and required courage to take that first step over the edge. As a participant, I could only imagine the fear the MISAR Code Red volunteers had to overcome when they embarked on their first mission. With my hands firmly gripping the rope, I sat on the harness and took hesitant swings while making sure my legs were straight out in front, with my feet flat on the wall. But with a little bit more encouragement from my fellow Luminox Code Red team’s mates and trust in the experienced belayer waiting below, I managed to overcome my fear and completed the mission.


Luminox Code Red Participants Lifting Casualty
After abseiling down, the next mission required us to lift the rescue stretcher from the ground to a higher platform to mimick that of a helicopter rescue. I learnt an important daily skill in this task - lifting technique of heavy items off the ground in order to prevent injuries. Lifting a casualty required a coordinated effort from the team as every unstable or heavy movement can cause further challenges. In this Luminox Code Red Survival course, the emphasis of time, team work and communication was further engrained into each one of us.

Luminox is a proud supporter of the Navy SEAL foundation, Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue (ICE SAR) and Malaysian International Search and Rescue (MISAR)

By Vanessa Leong (Participant of the Luminox Code Red Survival Course)


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