About Luminox Code Red Survival Course Station 6

About Luminox Code Red Survival Course Station 6

Luminox Code Red Participants Throwing Lifebuoy

The last Luminox Code Red Survival Course station simulated a Flood Rescue Operation in the pool where Captain K.Bala and his team introduced the common methods of rescuing victims during a flood. Participants were given the opportunity to role-play as both victim and rescuer by using equipment such as a rescue boat, lifebuoy and water rescue throw bag.

MISAR Code Red Volunteer Recusing Luminox Code Red Participant
It may sound easy to throw a lifebuoy or water rescue throw bag during a flood to assist a victim. However, the challenge that the MISAR Code Red team dealt with in past floods were the powerful and fast-moving channels of water that made it difficult to swim against or throw the lifebuoy and water rescue throw bag. In this simulated station, it required each participant to accurately throw a lifebuoy to a victim. The rescuer holding on to the rope needed to be versatile and well trained in handling the rope in order to determine the strength and distance required to throw the water throw bag or lifebuoy accurately to a victim. In addition, a rescuer needs to remain calm in order to rescue the numerous flood victims seeking help at the same time. This was truly a situation where #everysecondcounts and could result in a victim drowning or surviving.

Luminox is a proud supporter of the Navy SEAL foundation, Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue (ICE SAR) and Malaysian International Search and Rescue (MISAR)

By Vanessa Leong (Participant of the Luminox Code Red Survival Course)


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