Bear Grylls' Animals on the Loose: A "You vs. Wild Movie”! on Netflix

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Bear Grylls' Animals on the Loose: A "You vs. Wild Movie”! on Netflix

(Slight spoilers are present in this news blog. Please avoid if you are planning to watch this movie, and come back again after you are done!)

Have you watched the Netflix “Animals on the Loose: A You vs. Wild Movie”? If you have not, you should definitely watch it! This movie is a ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ Netflix series that is interactive. The viewer (you) can make decisions for Bear Grylls. Isn’t that interesting and cool!? Also, try to spot the Luminox watch that he wears during the movie!

The movie presents three urgent missions:

  1. Track down a loose lion & protect the people in that area
  2. Rescue Thimba the baboon from sea cliffs & hungry predators
  3. Fix a damaged hydro-electric relay station

These urgent missions are all located in different places (North, South and East), and you will have to complete the missions according to what you think is of the highest priority first. This is completely subjective and you will need to be prepared to make similar decisions throughout the movie.  

As you continue watching the show, Grylls will share useful tips on how to survive in the wild, such as utilizing tools and gears, to memory tricks. Yes, one’s memory is important for survival as well, as you will need to remember things like instructions (if your mission is guided by someone) or tracks (location).

Also, be prepared to make decisions that might make your stomach churn. Some decisions will result in Grylls carrying out actions like eating a leech, which may be an uneasy scene for some. If anything, you will need to make smart decisions, as the wrong decision could lead to bad consequences.

Just to share our choices, my order of priority was 3 → 1 → 2. We made Bear Grylls fix a damaged hydro-electric relay station, which was a success! We also felt that tracking down the loose lion to be the most terrifying mission in this movie. We had to be mentally prepared as we were tracking down the ‘King of the Jungle’. Without spoiling too much, all we can say is, it was intense mission! When you are in the wild, your safety is never guaranteed.

Curious about the outcome of these urgent missions? Do give this movie a watch to find out! If you are a fan of Bear Grylls and Luminox, you will enjoy the movie, because Bear Grylls is being the adventurer he is while wearing a Luminox watch!

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