The Luminox ESSENTIAL SEA MISSION: GHOST NETS RECOVERY & SEA TURTLE CONSERVATION event, held in Sattahip, Thailand, was aimed at raising awareness about ocean conservation

Luminox Scott Cassell

Luminox organized two diving sessions in the Gulf of Thailand led by Scott Cassel – brand ambassador, ocean conservationist and former Special Forces combat diver. The mission of the dives was to recover ghost nets or abandoned fishing nets that have been trapping ocean lives from the neighbouring fishing villages. Assisted by local volunteers’ Association, Save Our Seas (SOS), Luminox and its divers went straight to its dive mission to recover abandoned fishing nets by using simple gears such as a rubbish bag to lift the nets off the coral reefs. The dive mission proved to be a real success and more than 200 kilograms of ghost nets collected by the team!

Luminox ocean conservation

To commemorate the new LEATHERBACK SEA TURTLE collection non-divers visited the Sea Turtle Conservation Center, managed by the Royal Thai Navy. Sea turtle conservation is an important component of ocean conservation which Luminox is proud to be associated with. Luminox participants were able to learn how baby turtles are being fed, grown, protected and released back into sea. The Luminox teams were able to release no less than ten turtles into the sea. The released turtles were aged between 2 and 5 years, while the oldest was renamed “Luminox” and is expected to return to the exact same beach in a few years to lay eggs.

Luminox sea turtle

In ocean conservation, coral reef rejuvenation is important to ensure sustained life form in the sea. The group also had the chance to join a coral reef planting activity. This involved using a recycled metal stand and screwing in corals through a method similar to plant grafting and was embedded at sea.

Luminox coral reef planting


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