Every Second Counts with Captain K. Bala and Malaysia International Search and Rescue (MISAR)

Every Second Counts with Captain K. Bala and Malaysia International Search and Rescue (MISAR)

Since 2018, Luminox is proud to be the Official Partner of the Icelandic Search and Rescue (ICE-SAR). In order to learn more about Search and Rescue Operations, Luminox decided to work with the Malaysian International Search and Rescue (MISAR) to host the Luminox Code Red Survival Course. It will be conducted by Captain K.Bala, a well-known safety activist and emergency survival trainer, who aims to educate participants about the different scenarios that may happen during emergencies and how to overcome them.

The Malaysia International Search and Rescue (MISAR) is a registered not-for-profit and non-governmental organization that serves the nation in search, rescue, relief and emergency response. MISAR is operated by experienced members who dedicate their personal time to train and practice search, rescue and survival skills to ensure preparedness for any search and rescue operation, whether natural or man-made in any part of the world. To name a few, MISAR has participated in operations such as the Aceh Earthquake 2016, Nepal Earthquake 2015, Sichuan Earthquake 2008, Aceh Earthquake and Tsunami 2004.

Captain K.Bala is the Founder and Chairman of MISAR. He has vast experience in leading local and international disaster operations. His contribution in emergency assistance has put him in the highest list of Malaysian Government Appreciation List after being given numerous awards for his efforts. His passion in saving lives and emergency education has helped many Malaysians to face and survive with simple, yet practical survival skills that he developed based on real life case studies and research findings.

Captain K.Bala is also the Director of Code Red Survival Academy, which is a training hub to handle all aspects of emergency needs and services. The academy provides the most up-to-date and comprehensive training programmes related to survival safety, fire rescue, emergency, evacuation and disaster preparedness in the South East Asia region. They also provide a range of specialized equipment based on their expertise in emergency, rescue, trauma care, major incident and disaster response.

The Luminox Code Red Survival programme will allow participants to experience the different aspects of Search and Rescue Operations and they will be able to learn survival skills to be used in different scenarios and also on how to assist others in case of any emergency.

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