Interview with Rob Roy, re-tired Navy SEAL and Luminox Spec Ops Challenge Instructor

Interview with Rob Roy, re-tired Navy SEAL and Luminox Spec Ops Challenge Instructor

Interview with Rob Roy, re-tired Navy SEAL and Luminox Spec Ops Challenge Instructor

Luminox is proud to collaborate with Rob Roy for the Luminox Spec Ops Challenge which aims to bring the Navy SEAL Basic Underwater Demolition Programme (BUD/S) to the everyday man on the street. Rob Roy is a US Navy SEAL veteran of 26 years who currently runs a private business called SOT-G in California. SOT-G has an impressive clientele which mostly includes business executives and CEOs from major and upcoming companies. The schedule consists of intense teamwork activities that go beyond the typical team building activities that you will find in other camps. This includes swimming for 2 miles in the water with temperature of -9 degrees to carrying a 200 pound log back and forth across the beach and other combat prep activities condensed into an 80hour leadership boot camp. Channelling your inner Navy SEAL and instilling the morals of one will further equip any person with the necessary skills to become a great leader.

What are the three main takeaways of a Navy SEAL training?

Basic underwater demolition / SEAL training, trains the candidate’s mental and physical stamina. Each phase of the training incorporates the use of physical conditioned tests, where the time given will be tighter as the weeks goes by. The aim of this program is to build one’s stamina, leadership skills and stresses on the importance of teamwork.

What is success to you?

Rather than the definition of success, measuring success is more applicable. How can a participant adapt to new situations which helps them meet the challenge of the day. ‘The warrior’s mind set’ is a framework and foundation that I incorporated into the programme for the participants to ensure that we can achieve a peak performance from them. With the necessary tools and life lesson, participants will be able to excel. Knowing the technical and training elements are not enough, one has to tune their mind so that they are able to understand any elements when they face calamity.

What is your training style?

Train hard, Train Smart’ is my motto. Participants should be able to meet the standards I set during training.

Do you have any recommendations for participants on the day of training?

To ensure consistent progress, there is no finish line. Our body is able to cope with stress. Our body knows what it is capable off, so for those who join this programme are able to do only what they can do. So do not feel down if you aren’t able to reach a certain goal.



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