Luminox Behind the Scenes - Quality Checks

Luminox Behind the Scenes - Quality Checks

As part of our 30th year anniversary, we wanted to share with fans more about how their Luminox watch is put together in our factory in Solothurn, Switzerland. In our final posting about Luminox behind the scenes, we talk about quality control and checks. After all, we are Swiss Made.

Always wondering why a Swiss Made watch cost more? It is due to the various stages of stringent quality checks that a watch undergoes before shipping the final assembled piece to a customer.

Luminox quality check

The first check a watch undergoes is during the development stage. During the product development stage, Luminox does a quality check on samples. Straps are placed under UV light to test for decolourization and watch cases undergo stress test to ensure it can go through rough and tumble. If there are any issues, the product development team will continue to improve the product design until it is ready for commercial development.

Once the product is ready for product development, the various watch parts are ordered in. Once it arrives at the factory, each watch part is checked to ensure it matches the same specifications of the sample. In the event the rejected parts hit a predetermined percentage, the entire batch of watch parts is rejected. It is more cost efficient to spot a mistake at this stage than it is to spot a problem after a watch has been assembled.

After the watch has been assembled, the watch undergoes quality check to ensure time accuracy for another 24 to 72 hours. It also undergoes tests such as watch resistance testing and random sampling to check the aesthetics and functionality of the watch.

It is only with these stringent checks and tests can we then supply our watches to these professional law and military enforcement groups around the world.

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