Luminox Behind the Scenes - Water resistance testing

Luminox Behind the Scenes - Water resistance testing

Building a reliable watch is not easy, much less one that is made for the US Navy SEALs. In our second part to our behind the scenes with Luminox and understanding our unsung heroes who put this timepiece together, we learn about water resistance.

Every Luminox watch has a water resistance to at least 100m. Every Luminox Navy SEAL watch has water resistance to 200m. Every Luminox watch is tested for its water resistance in the factory.

In testing of watches, there are 2 kinds of test, a dry air test as well as a wet test. A dry test is first used to ensure that water does not leak in and damage the inner parts at first instance. In addition, air is more porous which also allows one to detect quickly if there is a minute hole or gap.  The wet test is usually used after that to see where the problem in the construction of the watch case is. The tell take sign is where the bubbles are coming out from the watch. The places where bubble is formed, it usually indicates a gap in the watch which makes it easier to detect the problem with the watch.  A rating of 200 meters indicated on a Luminox watch indicates that the watch is suitable for recreational diving.

Luminox water resistance testing

Luminox has facilities to detect water resistance to 500 meters. The water resistance testing is suitable for the Luminox automatic Deep Dive models that go to the depth of 500meters and is suitable for commercial diving.

Nonetheless, it is important to note that water resistance is nothing permanent. Water resistance is compromised when a watch undergoes wear and tear. This compromises the construction of the case and the various parts. Even with very careful use of the watch, the rubber ring or gasket found in the case of the watch would disintegrate like any other rubber products. Therefore, always check your Luminox watch for water resistance on a regular basis to ensure that the watch maintains its optimal performance.

Ready for your next adventure with Luminox? Stay tuned next week!

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