The Strength of Motherhood is Greater than Nature

The Strength of Motherhood is Greater than Nature

Mother’s Day is a day where we all come together to celebrate our mother’s constant sacrifices that shaped us into becoming the person we are today. Mothers have shaped not only us but also the society that we live in. Raising us in a loving but fair environment where we are taught manners and norms so that we are able to become a functional member of society.

Luminox Leatherback Sea Turtle

Respect, Courage and Honour - the three characteristics that mothers are a living embodiment of. The sacrifices made by mothers are much like the sacrifices made by Navy SEALs. Like the saying “ behind every man there is a good woman” mothers are the backbone of a family providing us with the love, care and support that moulds us to become a better version of our self each day. A mother’s strength is insurmountable. This includes dealing with the daily needs of family members to managing corporate lifestyles. Their ability to multi-task and overcome any difficult situations are an inspiration to all. Mother’s Day is a reminder for us to show our appreciation and love to this wonder woman.  This is why the Luminox Leatherback Sea Turtle is the perfect celebration of motherhood!

Luminox Leatherback Sea Turtle white

The Luminox Leatherback Sea Turtle series in 39mm case diameter is  the perfect fit on the elegant wrist of our mothers. Built using the Luminox Carbonox cases which provides durability and light weight, this is a functional timepiece that is suitable for any chore! The Luminox Light Techonology or tritium tubes are inserted in the even numbers of the dial which gives maximum visibility in both day and night situations. This makes Luminox a very practical timepiece for every mother.

The Luminox Leatherback Sea Turtle series in 39mm still maintains the essence and characteristics of Luminox and yet has a hint of feminine touch to the finish of the watch. So celebrate this Mother’s Day with a gift from Luminox to mum!

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