What does the Navy SEAL trident mean?

What does the Navy SEAL trident mean?

What does the Navy SEAL trident mean?

Ever wondered why the Navy SEAL trident was given to those who accomplished the Basic Underwater Demolition (BUD/S) training? The Navy SEAL trident has a long history attached to it. The meaning and the symbols it bears the strong ethos of the Navy SEAL and their accomplishments. The trident is awarded to those who have completed the necessary qualifications to become an official SEAL. The name ‘SEAL’ stands for sea, land and air.  If you look at it closely there are four symbols that make up this insignia - a golden eagle, a flintlock- style pistol, a US Navy anchor and a trident.

So let’s look at the symbols individually. The eagle is used to signify the SEAL’S capabilities of being able to move swiftly through the air. An example would be F/A-18C HORNET. A Navy SEAL airplane that is capable of identifying its target in both night and day. It is also both agile and versatile in the air. These characteristics share great similarities to an eagle. The pistol signifies the SEALs’ ability on land. The SEALs with their vessels and weapons have never failed to impress the world with their high technological machinery that uses the most powerful weapon system ever made. The anchor symbolises the Navy itself. They regard themselves as the face of world peace, the protector of the world and also to remind themselves that their origin is with the success and accomplishments of both the Naval Combat Demolition and underwater demolition teams. The trident in all Greek mythical stories is the sceptre of Poseidon, the God of Sea. Unlike all the other natural elements, the sea is by far the most dangerous element to combat in. Thus the Navy SEALs pride themselves with their powerful machinery and their trained soldiers for being able to fight best in the hardest element of all.

The Navy SEAL trident is the reflection and an extension of oneself to those who wears it – honour, courage and discipline.




  • Jerry Jones

    I fail to understand why a Navy Seal could have the TRIDENT removed retroactively. Would one lose the Medal Of Honor because of later being found guilty of a felony. I don’t think so. If a SEAL was awarded the Trident it was earned. For a SEAL to lose the trident after serving for 19 years serving for a cutting his life at risk during that time should be applauded not punished because of a photo that brings no harm to anyone or anything.

  • Joe mendoza

    The best ever eny where in the world

  • Gaven

    looking foward to becomeing a seal when i am a few years older. Oorah

  • John N Romero

    Oorah to the seals!☺ Great bunch guys to be trained by, even if they tried to drown me!☺😳☺

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